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Why V-KOOL®?

V-KOOL® is the world’s only clear, spectrally-selective applied film which transmits more than 70% of daylight while rejecting 98% of ultra-violet and 94% of infra-red heat. Spectrally-selective films have transparent, metallised coatings designed to transmit, reflect or absorb different wavelengths of the solar spectrum. In the case of V-KOOL®, it is designed specifically to be light transmitting while heat reflective.

V-KOOL® cuts down the sun’s heat while letting in maximum amount of natural light. Quantitatively, it blocks off 94% of heat transmitted from the infra-red rays and also rejects 98% of the harmful ultra-violet rays that cause fading, and damage the skin & the eye. At the same time, it allows your windows and glass surfaces to remain clear by transmitting over 70% of visible light.Whether you are car or house owner, you will be able to feel the difference of a cooler environment once the glass is coated with V-KOOL®.

V-KOOL® cannot be compared to other competitive films because it is the only spectrally-selective coating in the world. Other films are classified as conventional films, meaning that they are either tinted or reflective films. Tinted films require significantly less sophisticated technology to produce, hence the cost is low. Conventional reflective films utilise conventional evaporative deposition technologies, adapted from the same technology used to coat the insides of common potato chip packs.Instead of looking at the initial cost of V-KOOL®, you should consider its life cycle cost as well as other intangible benefits. While there is a premium associated with the purchase, V-KOOL® reduces air conditioning operating cost, reduces fading damage to droperies and furnishings, allows occupants to use floor space near windows even in direct sunlight because of increased comfort-enhanced environments. It is a long term costing effective investment.V-KOOL® is manufactured through multi-layered sputtering.

V-KOOL® is recognized globally as the leader in providing daylight harvesting and energy efficiency solutions through advanced thin film coatings for architectural and automotive glass. To-date, more than 22 million car owners and buildings in close to 30 countries have enjoyed the spectrally selective technology. Manufactured and processed in USA and Germany, V-KOOL® Technology has won numerous accolades globally. Read more→

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